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How to Recover after Heavy Use of Antibiotics?

March 29, 2022| Posted in Gut Health, Microbiome| Manju Mathew| 321

What are antibiotics?

The word antibiotic means “against life”. Antibiotics are medicines that are prescribed for use against bacterial infections. They act by either killing the bacteria or preventing them from replicating at a rapid rate.

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What is Gut Flora? How to Cure Gut Health?

March 24, 2022| Posted in Gut Health| Niti Goyal| 219

Gut flora, seems a little too intimidating yet fancy to read right?

In simple terms, gut flora is a complex ecological system formed by microbial cells in the digestive system. There are certain types of microbes that are beneficial to the gut as they convert dietary fiber into short-chain fatty acids to be easily absorbed by the host.

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10 Easy Hacks to Improve Gut Health

February 14, 2022| Posted in Gut Health, Microbiome| Manju Mathew| 422

Most of us believe that the role of our digestive system or our gut begins and ends with the conversion of the food we eat into energy. We rarely give a thought to our gut health. The gut, however, is a complex ecosystem that serves as our second brain.

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