D2C Genetic Testing Enigma to Healthy Lifestyle

D2C Genetic Testing Enigma to Healthy Lifestyle

D2C Genetic Testing: Enigma to Healthy Lifestyle

People usually relate genetic testing either with cancer risk or some other serious genetic disorder. However, genetic testing plays a bigger role in life. It gives you a larger picture about your overall health. It tells you what is coded in your genes and what you can do to have best health based on your unique genes. It removes the guesswork from your health journey. It makes you confident and proactive towards making positive lifestyle changes which are specifically good for your unique body.

No two people have the same genes:

There are 130 million people in India and every person has different genes. So, when no two people have the same genes, then why should you follow generalized guidelines for food, nutrition, exercise, sleep, medications etc. Each body reacts to external sources differently. This reaction depends on your genes. Some foods must be highly beneficial for some people but it may not give the same benefits to others. You may wonder why this is happening. The answer lies in your genes.

Every cell in your body has genes and DNA which carry information about your growth and development. Everything depends on your genes, from your hair colour, height, body type to your eye color and facial features. So, when genes guide everything and every individual has different genes, then why rely on generalized information available for everyone. This issue can be solved through genetic testing. You can get your DNA tested and get personalised insights about your unique body type, dietary requirements, common health risks, etc.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing has made the road to a healthy lifestyle very accessible:

Direct-to-consumer (DTC)has brought genetic testing at the doorstep of consumers. You don’t have to go anywhere, stand in queue or take anybody’s permission. It is solely your decision to opt for genetic testing. DTC is just like online shopping. You visit the website, choose the package depending on the tests you want, pay for it and place the order. That’s it! Sit back and relax. You will get updates on your registered phone num/mail ID about your order and dispatch of your genetic testing kit. The kit is very user-friendly and has complete instructions on how to collect your saliva in a tube. It carries an instruction manual with pictures so you won’t have any problem in collecting the sample. If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can always call the customer care number.

After collecting the sample, you seal the tube, place it back in the kit and inform the customer service of Bione for the pick-up. Your kit will be picked on the specified date/time.

Once your kit reaches the Bione lab, your sample is analysed by a team of highly skilled and experienced scientists in a very high-end lab. The results are interpreted, and a detailed report is created. The report covers around 200-400 parameters depending on the package chosen by you. You receive your report through bione website/App. The results are explained in very simple language so that you can easily understand it.

Genetic counselling is also provided by genetic counsellors who are highly proficient in this field. They explain your report in detail, answer all your questions and guide you for what steps you should take for improving your health. For example, if your report shows that you are prone to weight gain or diabetes, genetic counsellors will give you a tailored made diet specifically for your body based on your genes so that you can make positive lifestyle changes.

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Direct-to-consumer genetic testing promotes preventive healthcare

Direct-to-consumer or D2C genetic testing holds the promise to significantly change healthcare through personalized and tailor-made preventive care and treatments. We all agree that it is always better to prevent than to cure and preventive healthcare is always the best and least expensive option. For example, we take vaccines to prevent many infectious diseases instead of going through the pain of those diseases. Therefore, preventing the disease in the first place is by far, the best way to improve your health status.

Why choose Bione for D2C genetic tests?

Because at Bione, quality, precision and customer satisfaction are the core priorities. We give personal attention to each customer and make sure that they don’t have any difficulties from the time of booking the test to the acceptance of the report. We have made the entire procedure very smooth and user-friendly.

We have chosen the best and latest technology for DNA sequencing to give you most comprehensive results. Our lab has state-of-the-art equipment which are run under the supervision of expert scientists. We leave no stone unturned to give best results, best service and best quality.