Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Genetic tests from home

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing is a new revolution in the field of genetics, where people can order genetic tests from the comfort of their home. They can go on the website; choose the genetic test package they want and order it. The sample collection kit is sent by the company to your home via courier. The kit contains a sample collection tube with detailed instructions of how to collect the saliva, seal the tube and inform the company about the pick-up. Once the sample reaches the lab, DNA is analysed by a team of scientists and a detailed report is prepared, which can be viewed only by the customer on the website or a mobile app.

Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing is also called as:

  • Direct-access genetic testing
  • DTC genetic testing
  • At-home genetic testing
  • D2C genetic testing

How is Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing beneficial for us?

  • It makes genetic testing easily accessible to everyone
  • It gives you the freedom to opt for genetic testing according to your personal preferences
  • You can choose what outcome you want from your DNA analysis
  • It gives very personalised information about your health, fitness, disease risk and other characteristics
  • It makes you aware of your future health status and what steps you can take to improve it
  • It makes you more proactive towards adopting preventive healthcare measures rather than waiting for the disease to happen and then undergo treatment

Let’s Understand How D2C genetic testing works?

The process includes-

Purchasing the test kit:

You can visit our website( and order the test kit according to your choice. Different types of kits are available, depending on the number of tests covered.

Bione products are- Longevity kit, Longevity Plus Kit & MyMicrobiome kit

Longevity kit: Covers 250+ parameters about common health risks, genetic carrier screening, food & nutrition, etc.

Longevity Plus kit: Covers 400+ parameters about hereditary disease risks, personalised medicine, food & nutrition, etc.

MyMicrobiome kit: It tells you about your gut microbiota and their role in regulating your health and wellness.

After receiving the kit, you should register it on

Saliva collection:

The kit carries a booklet with detailed instructions of how to collect your saliva in the tube. You have to carefully seal the tube after saliva collection and keep it back in the kit and inform the bione team.

Kit pick up:

Your sample will be picked up by the bione team as per your convenience.

Sample analysis:

Once your sample reaches the lab, it is analysed by an expert team of scientists in a well-equipped lab. They create a report in which all the parameters are well explained.

Receiving report:

You receive a detailed report via user-friendly, informative and interactive online platform where you can easily understand the results of DNA analysis.

Genetic Counselling:

Based on your test results, you receive personalised counselling from genetic as well as diet & nutrition counsellors. They guide you about what changes you need to make in your lifestyle to improve your health and prevent diseases.

Why Bione for D2C genetic testing?

Bione is the first organisation in India to introduce D2C Genetic and Microbiome testing. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who understand the complexity of the procedure and are well-trained to carry it out with a high level of precision. We take utmost care of each and every sample we get. Personalised attention and care are on our list of priorities. Once you contact bione, you can rest assured that you will receive the best services possible.

Bione analyses the whole genome of an individual and not just a few genes. With the help of advanced sequencing techniques, the complete human genome is evaluated, and most comprehensive test results are given. For a better understanding of the genome, read “What are Genome and Genomics?”

What sets Bione apart?

  • Most comprehensive DNA test report
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Incomparable personal data protection
  • Most advanced DNA sequencing technology
  • Easy-to-understand reports
  • World-class counselling support