What are Genome and Genomics

What are Genome and Genomics

What are Genome and Genomics?

You must have heard about genes, but what exactly are they? A gene is a segment of DNA that contains the instructions for the production of biological molecules usually proteins. Humans have around 20,000 to 25,000 genes, all containing the information needed to build one or more proteins. Some genes determine physical characteristics such as the colour of our eyes. Other genes can influence our risk of developing certain conditions, such as diabetes. Genes only account for around 2% of all the genetic information which is made up of more than 3 billion letters of DNA called bases. Almost all of our DNA is arranged into tightly coiled structures called chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes with one of each pair inherited from each parent. Chromosomes are located in the nucleus of each human cell. All the genes and DNA contained in one cell is called a genome.

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Genetics vs Genomics:

Terms Genetics and genomics are often used interchangeably. However, they are two different fields of science

Genetics is the study of how different characteristics are inherited, things like eye colour or hair, or maybe even good taste. Genes, which are blocks of DNA, control all the human characteristics. And studying a gene could reveal why a mutation in a gene might cause a disease. However, diseases are complex and not often caused by single genes. Here comes the role of Genomics, which studies all the genes of an individual, their genome, to find every difference, no matter how small, contributing to a characteristic. This could require going through billions of units of DNA in a population.5 Genomics is a newer field that relies on advanced technology, but when genetics is simply not powerful enough to get to the root cause of a condition, genomics can step in to find a solution. Basically, genomics is the study of all the genes or genome of an organism. Using advanced computing techniques like bioinformatics, genomic experts assess an enormous amount of genetic data to find inconsistencies that can affect human health and their response to diseases and drugs.

Personal Genomics:

As the term suggests, personal genomics is a branch of genomics which is involved in the sequencing, analysis and interpretation of one person’s genome. It is also called as consumer genomics. Through individual genome sequencing, scientists can reveal a large amount of information related to all the aspects of an individual’s bodily processes, from their risk to certain diseases to the way they respond to specific medicines.

Personal genomics empowers you with the ability to enhance and regulate your health with the help of your unique genetic information.

Why go for Personal Genomics?

To end the uncertainty related to health, you should go for personal genomics. We all have so many unanswered questions in our brains related to health like- Why some people eat so less but are overweight, why some people eat a lot but do not put on weight, why some people are obese but have no other medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension etc. You can get an explanation for all these doubts through consumer genomics. Each individual is unique because of its unique genetic makeup. That’s the reason why generalised nutritional guidelines do not give the same results for everyone. Personal genomics is the key to knowing what is good or bad for your body and based on that information, you can make positive lifestyle choices to achieve your health & fitness goals.

Why choose Bione for personal genomics?

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