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Bione is a Genomics and Genetic Testing organisation which provides thorough insights into your genetic makeup using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based Bione GenomeLTE technology.

Bione is one of the pioneering organisations to have initiated consumer genomics services in India. Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Genomics is one of the fastest growing and emerging segments in genomics which allows individuals to understand their genetic health and wellness. The Bione Genomic Test provides thorough insights into your genetic makeup, using Bione GenomeLTE technology based on NGS and array. The personalised genomic data is secured via Bione gVAULT and provides user-friendly, easy-to-understand genomic reports through Bione gXplore.

The founders of Bione are renowned business leaders and social entrepreneurs. One of the founders is a coveted Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 title-holder and has been able to raise 30+ million USD for his previous startup. The second founder is credited with bringing NGS technologies to commercial applications in India and has over 20+ years of experience in life sciences and genomics. The Bione team comprises experts from various domains viz. genomics, genetics, bio-IT, genome informatics, genetic counselling and fundraising.

Bione aims at becoming one of the world’s top 10 innovative companies delivering personal genome services using cutting-edge technologies.

Bione helps you understand your genome, which is the genetic information encoded in your DNA in the form of genes, by offering personal genetic-testing services.

  • Bione Longevity: Common acquired health risks, Carrier status for genetic conditions, Inherited disorder risks, Food & nutrition, Fitness, Skin & Hair Health and Wellness
  • Bione Longevity Plus: Hereditary cancer risk, Medication management, Common acquired health risks, Carrier status for genetic conditions, Inherited disorder risks, Food & nutrition, Fitness, Skin & Hair Health and Wellness

The first step is to order the kit from Bione will then deliver the sample collection kit at your doorstep. You have to collect your saliva according to the instructions provided within the kit and mail the kit to in-house Bione Laboratory for your genomic analysis. A team of genome informaticians and scientific experts will analyse and compile the unique information extracted from your DNA into 300+ gene reports which can be accessed through Bione gXplore.

The Bione team of counselors (diet, fitness and genetic counselors) will connect with you and help you understand your genetic results. They will guide you in planning your health and lifestyle choices. Your personal genomic data will be securely stored using our in-house data security platform Bione gVAULT.

Bione Genome-LTE technology utilises clinical grade-targeted exome/WGS-1X to produces >99.99 per cent accurate results for selected genes that are analysed in Bione Longevity and Bione Longevity Plus tests. The Bione Genome-LTE technology generates thousands times more data than the outdated technologies offered by our competitors at similar prices.

Bione gXplore is a platform where your genomic report is available and one may also navigate through a continuous stream of curated content related to your results. It also provides the knowledge about the latest genomic research and enables you to discover how it impacts your health and wellbeing. Bione gXplore also connects you with a team of counselors (diet, fitness and genetic counselors) who will help you in understanding your genetic results and guide you to plan your health and lifestyle choices. BioneXplore ensures the privacy and security of your personal genomic data using BioneVAULT.

Bione gVAULT stores and provides state-of-the-art security and reliability for your personal genomic data.

Additionally, the Bione team regularly reviews and improves data security practices to ensure the integrity of Bione systems and customer information.

Bione has come up with the highly advanced technologies to ensure accuracy of results and security of your personal genomic data. Firstly, it provides more comprehensive and accurate analysis using NGS-based Genome LTE technology which reads out whole genomes and target genes, and ensures over 99.99 per cent accuracy as compared to other genomic testing companies which uses outdated technologies and capture incomplete information. Second, Bione is strongly focused on privacy, security and transparency of personal genomic data by enabling our users to retain control of their personal genomic data and share it securely using Bione gVAULT.

On an average, you can expect to receive your saliva collection kit within two weeks from the date of placing the order. After the sample is received at Bione Laboratory, your results will be available in about six to seven weeks.

Note: Due to a recent high demand, the results have been known to take a few weeks longer. We are working on resolving this issue and reducing the waiting period.

Yes. You will be able to download your genomic data in an annotated VCF format which is the most widely-used format for encoding genomic data.

Further analysis of your data can also be done at an additional cost.

DTC genetic testing is available to order via online shops or through stores. In this type of service, customers register for the test, receive the sample collection kit from the company and send it back to the laboratory facility of the company. The sample is processed and customers get their test results directly from a secure website in the form of a report. DTC Genetic Testing provides people access to their genetic information without necessarily involving a healthcare provider or health insurance company in the process.

DTC Genetic Testing is a different from the genetic tests ordered through healthcare providers, and has both benefits and limitations.

  • DTC Genetic Testing promotes awareness of genetic diseases.
  • It provides personalised information about your health, disease risks and other traits.
  • It helps you proactively plan your diet, fitness, health and lifestyle choices.
  • It gives information about your carrier status for genetic conditions, so you can plan your family in a better way.
  • DNA sample collection is usually simple and non-invasive using Saliva and the results are available quickly.
Risks and limitations
  • The tests may not be available for the health conditions or traits that interest you.
  • This type of testing cannot tell some multigenic disease or its occurrence.
  • People may make important decisions about disease treatment or prevention based on partial information from their test results. Therefore, it is recommended to have counselling sessions in order to understand the limitations of the test.
  • There is currently very little oversight or regulation of genetic testing companies.
  • Genetic privacy may be compromised if your data is stolen.

DTC Genetic Testing provides only partial information about your health. Other genetic and environmental factors, lifestyle choices and family medical history also affect the likelihood of developing many disorders. These factors would be discussed during a consultation with a doctor or genetic counselor, but in many cases, they are not addressed when using at-home genetic tests.

For most types of DTC Genetic Testing, the process involves:

  1. Purchasing a test

    The test kits can be purchased online form the Bione website or at a store.

  2. Collecting the sample

    The collection of the DNA sample usually involves saliva collection in a specialised tube. The sample’s pickup will be organised by Bione or you can drop the sample-containing kit at a nearby logistic centre as instructed by the company.

  3. Analyzing the sample

    A laboratory will analyse the sample and look for particular genetic variations in a designated set of genes.

  4. Receiving results

    In most cases, you will be able to access your results on a secure Bione gXplore App or through email. The results usually include interpretation of what specific genetic variations may mean for your health, wellness, fitness and traits. In some cases, a genetic counselor or nutritionist or a fitness counselor will be available to explain the results and answer your questions.

The test kit will include step-by-step instructions, so be sure you understand them before you begin. If you have any questions, contact Bione before collecting your sample.