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Your complete diabetes

management solution

Your complete diabetes

management solution

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with leading diabetes experts
Balance your blood sugar, say
good-bye to medications

and live a disease-free life

1 in 11

Indians have diabetes and 57% are undiagnosed


people with diabetes in India


people are expected to have diabetes by 2045


is the annual diabetes spend per person

Explore a new way of life as you heal –
with personalized diets and real-time glucose monitoring
Conventional Treatment
Our Holistic Approach

Hear it from our customers

Off my diabetes medication after 6 months!

No matter how much I worked out, I was not able to shed the extra kilos until I found out that I had insulin resistance and needed to change my lifestyle. 6 months after following Bione’s diet plans and counselling, I am finally able to maintain normal sugar levels without any medicines.

Mitali, 32 img
My A1c dropped from 7.2% to 5.6%

Changing up my diet and lifestyle to something that truly works for my gut and body has felt nothing short of a miracle. I wake up feeling happy and energized. My biggest accomplishment since taking the test has been losing body fat and improving my skin. My blood sugar levels are normal and I don’t feel the need to weigh myself anymore.

Sakshi, 29 img
I lost 10 kgs without much effort

Obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure…I have a family history of all those which is why taking action to improve my health took me so long. Only 4 months after taking Bione Gut Test, I lost 10 kgs without much effort. I feel better than ever knowing that I prevented my chronic conditions from getting worse.

Arun, 42 img
I feel more active, energetic & confident now:)

I am thankful to the Bione diabetes program & their doctors for supporting me throughout this journey. I was not very optimistic about losing my stubborn post-pregnancy weight but with the help of the Bione test and program I have lost 12 kgs in a few months and my sugar levels are in control as well. I can enjoy the occasional slice of pizza or cake every now and then without gaining weight.

Vernika, 35 img

Hear it from our customers

24/7 support
accessible anytime and anywhere
We make sure that you have support and guidance at every step of your health journey. Our diabetes experts walk you through all the lifestyle changes you need to make to heal diabetes naturally. They also consistently monitor your progress with follow-ups to make sure you achieve your health goals.
It’s not just about managing diabetes, it’s about being
disease- free
Poor gut health can worsen insulin resistance, which accounts for 90% of all diabetes cases. A personalized diet that can improve gut bacteria can help manage diabetes and prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and anxiety which can result from dysregulated blood sugar levels.
The proof is in the
When you approach diabetes holistically, you treat the issue from the root, reduce inflammation and prevent other chronic conditions that can result from dysregulated blood sugar levels.

Average drop in


Weight Loss






How to get started

Speak to a
diabetologist for free
We understand that living with Diabetes can be challenging. Start by booking a free consultation with our diabetologists
Take a simple at home gut microbiome test
Follow the instructions in the kit to collect the stool sample. Monitor your glucose levels with our CGM.
Receive a
pre-wellness kit
You will receive a pre-wellness kit which will allow you to detox your body and get yourself ready for gut healing.
Integrate our personalized recommendations into your lifestyle easily with a post counselling session with our nutritionists.
Take control
of your health
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Have more questions? Check out our FAQs below or write us at [email protected]
Take a stool sample with the spoon and test tubes provided as part of the test kit based on our directions and send it to us within 12 hours.
Your microbiome test results and recommendations are delivered to you within 4-5 business weeks after your sample reaches our lab.
Once the test reports are ready, we send them to the email address given by you. You can also access reports on the mobile app or by logging in to the platform on the website. We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of our customers. Your personal information and test results are safe with us. Only you will have access to your test results.
Based on the results of the at-home gut microbiome test, Bione experts will advise you on changes you need to make to your lifestyle to manage diabetes and get your health back on track. You will get a detailed list of recommendations that can help you live a long and healthy life free of disease.



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