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Science-backed wellness solution for your health concern
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Impressed by attention to detail!

Living with diabetes for the past 13 years has not been easy. I tried everything and my blood sugar levels remained stubbornly high. In just 3 months of taking the test and reducing inflammatory foods, my Hb1 ac levels went down to less than 6%. I can’t wait for the diabetes to reverse completely in the next 6 months.

bione 5 star
Monosmita sethi
bione verified Verified Purchase: Gut Mircobiome Test
I have new found direction!

As someone who used to be active and healthy, I somehow became lost in how I should approach returning to that lifestyle. There is such a variety of diets and fitness programs, it’s hard to know what is best for you. But Bione has a smart approach to helping people...

bione 5 star
Anurag Kumar
bione verified Verified Purchase: Dna Test
Friendly customer service!

I bought Bione’s My Microbiome gut program to find out what was causing my skin & hair issues. I was concerned about how my sample would stay “fresh” through the whole process of them collecting and taking to the lab to test. Their customer service team was very friendly. They also responded quickly to all my questions about delivery.

bione 5 star
Sanjay Agarwal
bione verified Verified Purchase: Gut Mircobiome Test
Amazed by the results

I have been using this Bione height growth combo for approximately three months, and I am happy with the product . The customer service representatives at Bione are very helpful; they gave me the right advice on the product, including diet and exercise, which helped me gain a few inches.

bione 5 star
bione verified Verified Purchase: Growth Protein Powder
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What sets Bione apart

One-on-one consultation with experts

Get support on your health journey through pre and post-test counselling

Personalised lifestyle recommendations

Get recommendations tailored to fit your unique needs and health goals

Backed by leading health experts

Team of >51 people including 8 PhD’s with a cumulative work experience of >100yrs in healthcare

Actionable insights & regular support

Achieve real results through insights and tips you can integrate into your day-to-day lives

Your wellness blueprint unlocked permanently

Get lifetime access to your test results which you can access anytime, anywhere

Trusted by over 10,000 customers

Get consistent support and guidance at every step of your health journey

Making you live longer,

From getting tested to achieving better health and longevity, we’ve got you

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Explore the Future of Health with Bione's Nation-wide Reach

Bione is revolutionising healthcare across India. Our services are accessible all over India, ensuring that cutting-edge genomic and wellness solutions are just a click away. With Bione, advanced health solutions are always within reach. From our wide range of natural health supplements to DNA and microbiome testing services, we have the perfect solutions to level up the health game.

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How Bione is Simplifying Your Healthcare Experience?

At Bione, we deliver more than just a product – we're your partner in proactive health management. Our services are spread all across India, offering everything from genetic health testing to health and wellness products.

At Bione, you'll find an extensive range of products, including supplements, height growth protein powder, personalised diet plans, hair growth formulas, and more. Our comprehensive health checks are conducted in the comfort of your home, partnered with certified labs for assured quality and convenience.

How Can You Embrace a Healthier Tomorrow with Bione?

As Asia’s first DNA Testing Company in India , Bione brings personalised healthcare right to your doorstep. Our platform connects you with a world of genomic insights and wellness products, simplifying and enriching your healthcare journey. Our services include -

  • DNA Testing
  • Microbiome Testing
  • Wellness Programs with Personalised Diets
  • Counselling From Health Experts

Why Should You Choose Bione’s Products?

We understand that quality matters when it comes to supplements. That's why Bione's health and wellness products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring purity and efficacy. Our commitment to quality means you can trust our supplements to safely support your health journey. You can find these high-quality nutritional supplements online:

Height Growth Products

  • Height Growth Protein Powder: Specially designed for height increase, this protein powder is enriched with vital nutrients that promote bone growth and overall physical development. Ideal for teenagers and young adults, it supports the natural growth process.
  • Acupressure Insoles: These insoles are not just about foot comfort; they're infused with acupressure points to stimulate growth areas. Ideal for everyday use, they offer a unique combination of comfort and potential height-increasing benefits.
  • Bone Growth Gummies: Packed with essential nutrients for bone development, these gummies make taking supplements fun and delicious. Formulated for children and adolescents, they support healthy bone growth and density.
  • Deep Sleep Gummies: Understanding the role of deep sleep in growth, these gummies are formulated to improve sleep quality. They aid in the production of growth hormone during sleep, crucial for height development.

Hair Care Products

  • Superdark Anti-greying Serum: This advanced serum is formulated to tackle the root cause of premature greying. Enriched with natural ingredients, it revitalises and darkens hair over time, restoring its natural colour and vitality
  • Supergrow Hair Serum: Designed to stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Infused with nutrients and growth activators, this serum nourishes the scalp, strengthens hair roots, and encourages fuller, thicker hair growth.

Diagnostic Kits

  • DNA Test: Bione's DNA Test provides a detailed analysis of your genetics, offering insights into ancestry, health risks, and traits. It's a key tool for personalised health and wellness planning.
  • Gut Microbiome Test: Bione, a leading microbiome testing company, conducts a comprehensive analysis of your gut microbiome, providing valuable insights into your digestive health and how it influences your overall well-being.

How Do the Diagnostic Kits Work, and When Do the Reports Come in?

DNA Test

  1. Ordering the Kit: Begin by ordering the DNA Test kit from Bione's website.
  2. Sample Collection: Upon receiving the kit, follow the instructions to collect a saliva sample using the provided tools.
  3. Sending the Sample: Seal your sample as instructed and send it back to Bione using the pre-addressed package.
  4. Analysis: Bione's lab professionals analyse your DNA sample, examining various genetic markers.
  5. Report Generation: After thorough analysis, a detailed report is generated, which includes information about your ancestry, health risks, and other genetic traits.
  6. Receiving the Report: Typically, you can expect to receive your report within 4-5 weeks after Bione receives your sample. The exact timeline may vary, and it's advisable to check with our team for the most accurate estimate.

Gut Microbiome Test

  1. Purchasing the Kit: You can avail of Bione’s gut health testing services by ordering your Gut Microbiome Test kit from the website.
  2. Collecting Your Sample: Use the kit to collect a stool sample. Detailed instructions are provided to ensure the sample is collected correctly.
  3. Returning the Sample: Package your sample using the materials provided and send it back to Bione for analysis.
  4. Sample Analysis: Experts at Bione will analyse the microbial composition of your gut based on the stool sample.
  5. Report Preparation: The analysis will result in a comprehensive report detailing your gut microbiome's health and diversity. Bione uses the most advanced AI powered machines to analyse the samples and prepare accurate reports.
  6. Report Delivery: The report is typically made available within 4-5 weeks after the lab receives your sample. The exact time may vary, so it's recommended to consult our team for specific timelines.

Why Choose Bione as Your Preferred Health Partner?

Health Insights

  • In-Depth Understanding of Your Body: Bione is amongst the top DNA and gut microbiome testing companies, providing detailed insights into your unique genetic makeup and gut health. These tests reveal vital information about your predispositions to certain health conditions, potential nutritional needs, and more.
  • Empowered Decision-Making: With the data obtained from these tests, you're better equipped to make informed decisions about your health. This understanding allows you to tailor your lifestyle, diet, and health strategies to align with your body's specific needs.

Customised Plans

  • Personalised Wellness Strategies: Bione goes beyond generic health advice. Based on your individual test results, we offer customised wellness plans that include tailored supplement recommendations, diet plans, and lifestyle changes.
  • Continuous Adaptation and Support: As your health needs evolve, so do Bione’s recommendations. This dynamic approach ensures that your health plan is always aligned with your current health status and goals.

Preventive Health Care

  • Proactive Approach to Health Management: By identifying potential health risks early through genetic and microbiome testing, Bione enables a proactive approach to health care.
  • Comprehensive Health Maintenance: Bione offers a range of products and services aimed at maintaining and improving your health before issues arise.
  • Educating for a Healthier Future: Bione also places a strong emphasis on education and awareness, empowering you with the knowledge to understand and manage your health effectively.

What Makes Bione One of A Kind?

Asia’s First DNA Testing Company - Blending Genomics with Wellness

  • Innovative Fusion: As Asia’s first DNA testing company, Bione doesn’t just excel in genomics but also integrates these insights with a comprehensive range of health and wellness products.
  • Strategically Headquartered in Bangalore: Bione's location in Bangalore, India's tech epicentre, not only fuels its genomic research but also inspires its wellness product development.
  • More Than Just Genomics: Bione's role in the healthcare sector extends beyond DNA testing. We are pioneering a comprehensive approach to health by offering a diverse array of wellness products, including supplements and health aids, tailored to individual genetic profiles.
  • Holistic Health Vision: Bione is changing the narrative in healthcare by advocating a holistic approach. We emphasise the importance of combining DNA-based insights with a range of wellness products, promoting a more rounded and personalised health strategy.

Why Should You Try Health Management with Bione

Bione offers an all-in-one wellness platform.

  • Comprehensive Health Care at Your Fingertips: Bione provides an all-encompassing wellness platform, bringing a range of health management tools and services directly to you. This convenience means you can access various health resources anytime, anywhere.
  • 1 on 1 Consultation: We offer the unique advantage of one-on-one consultations. You can interact with health experts and receive tailored advice and support, ensuring that your health plan is specifically designed to meet your individual needs and goals.
  • Personalised Solutions: With Bione, you're not getting a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, you receive personalised health recommendations, from diet plans to exercise regimes, based on your unique health profile and goals. This customisation enhances the effectiveness of your health management plan.
  • Affordable Products: Bione gives you access to a wide range of affordable health and wellness products. This commitment to affordability ensures that managing your health doesn’t have to be a financial burden, making wellness accessible to a broader audience.
  • 24/7 Support: Health concerns don’t stick to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither does Bione's support. We provides 24/7 support, ensuring that help and guidance are always available whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I take the sample for the DNA test?

    Our DNA test involves taking a sample of your saliva in less than 10 minutes. We give step-by-step directions for taking the sample as part of the kit. As soon as we receive your test sample, we put it through for an extensive DNA analysis.
  2. How do I take the sample for the Gut Microbiome test?

    Take a stool sample with the spoon and test tubes provided as part of the test kit based on our directions and send it to us within 12 hours.
  3. How can I access my test reports and will they be confidential?

    Once the test reports are ready, we send them to the email address given by you. You can also access reports on the mobile app or by logging in to the platform on the website. We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of our customers. Your personal information and test results are safe with us. Only you will have access to your test results.
  4. What will a genetic counsellor tell me?

    Based on the results of the at-home gut microbiome test, Bione experts will advise you on changes you need to make to your lifestyle to achieve optimal health. You will get a detailed list of recommendations that can help you live a long and healthy life free of disease.
  5. What are Bione's best wellness products?

    Bione deals with several health and wellness supplements. Our customers loved our range of height growth supplements including Height Growth Protein Powder, Bone Growth Gummies, and Deep Sleep Gummies. Other than that, our Flaxseed Oil, Prebiotics and Probiotics, and vitamins have got a great appreciation.
  6. Are the health & wellness products from Bione natural?

    Yes, all the health and wellness products from Bione are made of natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, cranberry, amla, Brahmi, etc.
  7. How often should I take the DNA/Gut Microbiome Test?

    It is advised that you take the DNA/Gut Microbiome Test on a quarterly basis to be on top of your health.
  8. What payment options do I have?

    We accept all payment methods like all major credit cards, UPI, and cash on delivery.

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