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MyMicrobiome Kit

Analysis of Gut Microbiome can show how strong you are to fight infections like CORONAVIRUS. Gut Microbiome test is the only way to know when the virus is no longer in your system

  • Discover your gut microbiota
  • Personalized diet recommendations to fight off CORONAVIRUS
  • Know your microbial imbalance in gut which can affect your immunity against viruses

Highly recommended for the elderly and people suffering from health Conditions like diabetes, Obesity, hypertension, heart disease etc. as they are prone to CORONAVIRUS


Genetic Susceptibility kit

Bione Genetic Susceptibility Test is a breakthrough product, which discovers specific gene variants that are responsible for an individual’s susceptibility to Coronavirus.

Bione Genetic Test can check your susceptibility to:

  • SARS-CoV-2 virus (CORONAVIRUS)
  • Influenza virus

We strongly believe that we can overcome this global pandemic and can defeat the COVID-19 virus with our joint efforts.


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