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Eliminate inflammation and address the root cause of chronic condition with personalised gut microbiome test
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Constantly trying new diets, supplements or even medications to feel better will only give you short-term results. Gut Microbome test helps you detox and balance your gut, which in turn creates a positive impact on every aspect of your health.

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Gut microbiome test address?

+10 more chronic conditions

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Living with diabetes for the past 13 years has not been easy. I tried everything and my blood sugar levels remained stubbornly high. In just 3 months of gut health test and reducing inflammatory foods, my Hb1 ac levels went down to less than 6%. I can’t wait for the diabetes to reverse completely in the next 6 months.

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Monosmita sethi
Friendly customer service!

I opt Bione’s Microbiome gut test to find out what was causing my skin & hair issues. I was concerned about how my sample would stay “fresh” through the whole process of them collecting and taking to the lab to test. Their customer service team was very friendly. They also responded quickly to all my questions about delivery.

bione 5 star
Sanjay Agarwal
Awesome recommendations from microbiome test

Comprehensive and thorough report which honestly took me more than an hour to read and understand. Counselor was warm and empathetic and I was happy with her probiotics and supplement recommendations.

bione 5 star
Lopa Mudra

Switch from
‘one-size-fits-all to personalised wellness’

You and your body are unique. What works for others may not work for you. Learning about your gut health and giving your body the exact nutrients it needs, is the key to managing and preventing chronic diseases.

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Take a stool sample with the spoon and test tubes provided as part of the test kit based on our directions and send it to us within 12 hours.
Your microbiome test results and recommendations are delivered to you within 4-5 business weeks after your sample reaches our lab.
Once the test reports are ready, we send them to the email address given by you. You can also access reports on the mobile app or by logging in to the platform on the website. We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of our customers. Your personal information and test results are safe with us. Only you will have access to your test results.
Based on the results of the at-home gut microbiome test, Bione experts will advise you on changes you need to make to your lifestyle to achieve optimal health. You will get a detailed list of recommendations that can help you live a long and healthy life free of disease.
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