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Do supplements help in Gut Health?

Do supplements help in Gut Health
We all eat supplements for various reasons like daily nutrition, fitness etc. But, do you ever think of taking probiotic supplements for your gut health? If not, then maybe now is the time.
Before we talk any further about supplements, let us first understand a bit about them. Probiotic-supplements are one of the best ways to add good bacteria to your body. They are made of both bacteria and yeast and have various health benefits.
Pre and probiotics supplements can be very effective in maintaining a healthy microbiome. But unfortunately, the potential benefits of vitamins and lipids on the gut microbiome have not yet been taken with the same level of attention. However, various studies and data claim that if you feed the gut microbial flora with B-vitamins, they could have a positive effect in modulating and balancing the gut microbiome.
After a lot of talking going around, the benefits of pre- and probiotics are now widely being recognized, especially through their positive interaction with the gut microbiome. Wondering why it is so important? Because they beneficially alter the composition and activity of the gut microbiome and thus, help reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity as well as bowel disease and discomfort. Moreover, if the gut microbiome would be stable, it would also keep the so-called ´gut-brain axis´in check, which to some extent defines an individual’s mood state.

What role do supplements play in gut health?

One of the best diets for gut is the one rich in supplements. The rationale behind this is quite straightforward. As you know our gut flora has a plethora of microbes and they have the ability to produce vitamins, such as the vitamin B group vitamins, vitamin K and others. In fact, you can think of these microbes as little supplement factories. They ensure the supply of probiotics and prebiotics for themselves and for their microbe friends with whom they often live in a symbiosis.
However, in certain situations, for example when we are under stress, not eating well, or get ill, the microbial vitamin production in our body is reduced, which can make us even more sick. In such circumstances, it could be of great help to have a nutritional supplement which is specifically designed to deliver vitamins to the colon.

Which are some of the best supplements for the gut?

  1. Zinc: Zinc is a necessary element of many metabolic processes and hence a very good gut food. It is well-known for its ability to boost the immune system. The zinc supplementation is known to strengthen the gut lining in patients with Crohn’s disease as it is able to modify the tight junctions of the intestinal lining, helping to limit gut permeability.
  2. Probiotics:
    Best diet for gut health
    Probiotics aren’t Greek for us. They are very well-known for their therapeutic use in the management and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. With the help of these live microorganisms, you can improve the microbiome of the gut, and hence increase positive system-wide effects. Many researchers investigated the usefulness of a multi-strain probiotic supplement after intense exercise.
  3. Fiber and butyrate: Dietary fiber is an important component of the best diet for the gut. Fiber works in a similar way as probiotics to improve the microbiome. When gut flora ferments the fiber, it creates a short-chain amino acid called butyrate. Many researchers have suggested that butyrate supplementation may stimulate mucus production and improve tight junctions in the lining of the tract.
  4. L-Glutamine: Glutamine is a vital amino acid. It is best known to help repair the intestinal lining. It can also help to improve the growth and survival of enterocytes, or intestinal cells. Well, the list doesn’t end here as it regulates the function of the intestinal barrier during stress.
  5. Collagen Peptides: Collagen is an indispensable protein found in almost every tissue of the body. It is known to also play a beneficial role in gut health. Well, if the name seems a bit new to you, let us help you know it a little better. Collagen peptides are a more easily digestible and bioavailable form of collagen. They are also known to prevent further breakdown of the intestinal lining. Collagen is known to have anti-inflammatory properties in the gut.
Now that the list of vital supplements has come to an end, let us also go for a different way to take care of our gut health. Other than the supplements, you can also go for the microbiome test for gut which helps you take a deep dive into your gut flora. Bione offers this test to analyze your gut environment and helps you balance it with the right kind of recommendation on food, supplements etc.
Now if you are intrigued to take this test, you can do it with the help of Bione’s gut health test. The test helps you take a deep dive into your gut flora and provides personalized recommendations on how you can alter your lifestyle and manage diseases with diet plans and nutrition charts. So, if improving your gut flora is on the cards, Bione can assist you right.
Wishing you a happy and healthy gut!


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