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Elevate Bone Gummies | Sugar Free | NON GMO | Strawberry Flavour | 30 Gummies - 75g I 13+ Years

Bone Growth Gummies

These gummies for bone health and growth are formulated with calcium, vitamin D3, zinc and phosphorus to help you grow taller naturally.
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Enjoy the luxury of transparency as we unveil the meticulously selected ingredients that set us apart.


  • Calcium provides a properly structured framework for bone and muscle development.
  • t helps increase bone density making them stronger, and less susceptible to fractures.
  • Calcium plays a vital role in muscle contraction and relaxation, supporting proper muscle function.
  • Calcium ions are crucial for nerve transmissions in our body. It supports the efficient travel of signals from the brain to the body and vice versa.
  • Calcium is responsible for the regulated production of various hormones including growth hormones- a key factor in height growth.

Vitamin D3

  • Vitamin D3 is very important for the proper absorption of calcium for bone health and development.
  • It also works with calcium to maintain bone health and prevent fractures by maintaining bone density.
  • It influences the activity of growth plates. Growth plates are the cartledge areas at the end of long bones, responsible for height gain.
  • It has a positive impact on the immune system.
  • It ensures proper healing of muscles and tissues in the body.


  • Zinc contributes to bone elongation making it very important for height growth.
  • Zinc is essential for the production of collagen, responsible for bone formation and mineralization.
  • It is required for the regulation of growth hormones responsible for height growth.
  • Zinc is important for immune function in the body.
  • It supports cell growth and repair in the body.


  • Phosphorus is responsible for bone health and helps prevent bone disorders such as osteoporosis.
  • Phosphorus is involved in cellular processes like cell division, and energy metabolism.
  • Phosphorus regulates hormones involved in the growth and development of the body.
  • It is important in nerve signalling supporting the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • Phosphorus is a component of DNA & RNA. It is important for genetic expression and cell replication- a fundamental process in growth and development.

Elevate your bone game with our one of its kind bone gummies.

Blend of nutrients for stronger bones

  • Calcium-rich gummies promote bone density and strength, vital for growth.
  • Vitamin D3 aids in calcium absorption, optimising bone health.
  • Zinc supports bone formation processes, ensuring robust skeletal structure.
  • Phosphorus contributes to bone integrity, enhancing growth potential.
  • A scientifically formulated blend ensures comprehensive bone health support for optimal growth.

Preservative-free, all-natural ingredients

  • Natural ingredients ensure safety and efficacy of the gummies.
  • Have Zero side effects
  • Free from any additives or chemicals
  • Natural formulation minimises the risk of any adverse reactions.
  • Guarantees purity and safety, delivering the benefits of nature without compromise

Enhanced nutrient absorption

  • They focus on the optimised absorption of nutrients in the body.
  • The correct absorption provides strength to the bones
  • Ensures effective utilisation of nutrients for body metabolism.
  • Prioritises bioavailability, ensuring nutrients are readily absorbed and utilised by the body to fuel growth.
  • Induces generation of growth hormones.

Vitamin D3 and Calcium boost height growth

  • The blend of Vitamin D3 and Calcium produce energy in the body.
  • Vitamin D3 helps in absorption of Calcium aiding in height growth.
  • Supports bone mineralization process, crucial to achieve maximum height.
  • Scientifically proven blend ensures effective utilisation of nutrients.
  • VitaminD3 and Calcium combined maintain the bone density.

All natural ingredients enhance the nutritional value in your daily life leaving a positive impact on your body.
Grow-Supports immune system & boosts energy

Stimulates height growth

Increase bone density and support height growth naturally, containing nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Phosphorus that are designed to support bone health and increase GH production to help increase your height.

Reduces stress maintain bone density

Increases bone density

Apart from Calcium, our gummies also include Zinc and Phosphorus. These minerals team up to keep your bones and teeth strong. They're crucial for building healthy bone tissue and help to maintain bone density.

Boost Growth and development by 2x

Get stronger bones and muscles & accelerated growth

Bone growth gummies for adults, containing a natural supplement formulation with calcium, vitamin D3, zinc, and phosphorus, are designed to support bone health and height growth. The combined power of vitamin D and calcium increases bone density, calcium helps build strong bones while zinc and phosphorus increase GH production to help increase your height.

Powerful Ingredients for a

Powerful You

Clinically validated powerful natural herbs and botanicals that deliver exceptional results.
natural Ingredients in bone growth gummies
get natural and healthy bones


Yes, the gummies have been scientifically formulated with natural ingredients that are safe for everyday use and do not have any side effects. Our gummies are WHO-GMP, FSSAI and ISO-certified.
No, these gummies are free from steroids, HGH and stimulants.
The best time to take the gummies is with your meals.
Upon consistent use of the product, changes are visible within 6 months.
1000 mg for adults, 700 mg for kids aged 1 to 3, 1000 mg for kids aged 4 to 8, and 1300 mg for kids and teens aged 9 to 18.
The gummies are safe to use for all age groups above 13 years.
No these gummies have no side effects as they are made of natural ingredients with zero added preservatives.

How do the bone growth gummies for height growth work?

Bone growth gummies for adults
Disclaimer: Children with any medical condition should consult with a clinician dietician before consuming this product. Height and growth are influenced by factors like lifestyle, genetics, the microbiome, nutrition, etc. Hence, the product should be consumed to support a daily balanced diet with regular exercise and yoga.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karan Nagpal
Nice Product

All the quality ingredients are good and the taste is good also. The size is just right for a child to eat.

Nikhil Pandey
Yummm!!, excellent for children.

This is the second time I order it for my sister’s children because they love the taste of these gummies also there are vital nutrition in it. So make it perfect choice for them.

Shobha Malik
very tasty gummies

My children love them a lot, these are their favorite. I got the bone growth gummies in the height growth combo pack. I liked the Ingredients like calcium and vitamin d3 used in this.



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