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Height Bone Growth Combo

Strawberry Flavoured Gummies
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of people never reach their maximum height due to various reasons


of people are not satisfied with their height and want to grow taller


of people are not aware that they can grow taller after 21 years of age

Why our Height Bone Growth Combo?

stronger bones

Builds stronger bones and joints while improving bone density

deep sleep

Maintains healthy bones with a strawberry taste

Increases brain stimulation

Increases brain stimulation for higher GH production

essential nutrients

Improved immune system and relief from joint pains

Take control
of your health
Take control of your health

What’s included

Bone growth gummies
Bone density + Stronger bones & joints I 2 gummies a day
Bone Density: The gummies are made with calcium, vitamin D3, zinc and phosphorus to help you grow taller naturally. The combined ingredients work together to increase bone density, build strong bones and increase GH.
Stronger bones and joint: A natural supplement formulated with calcium, vitamin D3, zinc and phosphorus to support bone health and height growth.
Usage and Dosage: Take the recommended dose of gummies with your meals. Chew well before swallowing. For ages 13–18 years, we recommend one gummy per day, whereas adults can take two gummies per day or as advised by a healthcare professional.
Acupressure insoles
Brain stimulation + Higher GH production
Brain Stimulation: It stimulates the pituitary gland to release hormones responsible for growth. Placing acupressure insoles in your shoes stimulate specific growth points in your feet as you walk.
Higher GH production: They aid in height growth by stimulating the pituitary gland to release hormones responsible for growth. Placing acupressure insoles in your shoes is an effortless and natural way to grow taller.
Usage: Place the soles inside your shoes before walking. Your feet may take a couple of days to adjust to the mild pressure felt from the insoles.

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Have more questions? Check out our FAQs below or write us at [email protected]
Yes, all our products have been scientifically formulated with natural ingredients that are safe for everyday use and do not have any side effects. Our products are also WHO-GMP, FSSAI and ISO-certified.
We are happy to never have received any reports of side effects.
No, the Bone Growth Gummies are free from steroids, HGH and stimulants.
There are 30 gummies in one bottle.
Upon consistent use of the product, changes are visible within 6 months.



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