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never reach their maximum height due to various reasons


are not satisfied with their height and want to grow taller


are not aware that they can grow taller after 21 years of age

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You may have not reached your
maximum height growth due to:

poor diet

A poor diet

An unhealthy diet lacks essential nutrients needed for height growth.

maximize height growth
sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle

Lack of movement can prevent you from reaching your maximum height.

poor gut

Poor gut health

Poor gut health impacts nutrient absorption, which affects your ability to grow.


Chronic stress

Prolonged exposure to stress affects sleep, nutrient absorption and may reduce bone density.


Insufficient sleep

Sleep deprivation can suppress GH, which can affect your height.

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felt physically
saw an average increase in 2 inches of height
saw results in as early as 3 months

Nutrition + Sleep + Brain Stimulation

The average Indian diet fulfills only 70% of your nutritional needs. We provide height solutions that fill this gap, while comprehensively targeting sleep and brain stimulation to increase HGH to help you grow tall naturally.

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Ensures optimal growth hormone production with deep sleep
For stronger bones and joints while improving bone density.

Height Growth Platform

India’s most comprehensive height growth app targeting all aspects to maximise height growth
diet recommendations
exercise recommendations
acupressure points
sleep tracker


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Upon using our height increase supplement, you will notice changes over time.
Our supplements contain all the scientifically proven essential vitamins needed to increase height. The different ingredients work together by naturally increasing HGH production in the body to help you grow taller.
No, our supplements are completely safe to use and do not have any negative side effects. Our products are FSSAI, GMP and ISO-Certified.
Incorporating healthy habits like eating a nutritious diet and exercising consistently while using our height growth supplements, will give you the best results.
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