Bione DNA Test

د.إ 1,400.00

Bione DNA test can help recognize risk for various diseases to facilitate preventive steps or identify diseases at an early stage. The once-in-a-lifetime test gives personalized health insights about food sensitivities, level of physical fitness, cognitive functions etc.

Sample required: Saliva
Test Mode: At Home
Turn Around Time: 3-4 Weeks



Bione DNA test is an at-home use kit delivered at your doorsteps. The kit has all the instructions for you to provide the saliva sample and it just takes 10 minutes to complete. We will arrange for the kit to be picked up and sent to the lab where the sample will be processed and personalized results and recommendations will be sent to you by email.

We invite all interested online casino players to take a Bione DNA test to help recognize the risk of various diseases. This once in a lifetime test provides personalized health information, with 150 free spins per $1 here we offer the Bione DNA test at a discount to online casino players. It is very convenient to order a Bione DNA test at home, because it takes only 10 minutes for an online casino lover to provide a saliva sample and send it to the laboratory at the specified address.

Personalized test reports cover the following parameters:

  1.  Sports & Athletic Performance
  2.  Dietary Requirements (Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements)
  3.  Cardio-Gastro Health Risks
  4.  Metabolism & Exercise
  5.  Neural Traits: Personality Traits & Cognitive Functions


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