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All disease begins in the gut

Your stomach is a complex ecosystem. It is home to trillions of bacteria which affect your mood, skin,digestion, immunity,metabolism blood sugar levels and much more.
Bione’s gut analysis provides an insight into your gut health and also helps in preventing diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and depression.

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Scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur working at the forefront of biotechnology. Chair of Biology at Singularity University.

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Living with diabetes for the past 13 years has not been easy. I tried everything and my blood sugar levels remained stubbornly high. In just 3 months of taking the test and reducing inflammatory foods, my Hb1 ac levels went down to less than 6%. I can’t wait for the diabetes to reverse completely in the next 6 months.


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Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the genetic material we inherit from our parents and is different for every individual. DNA testing involves study of DNA sequences to identify if there are any variations in a person’s genes that can cause or increase the risk of a particular disease like Alzheimer’s. It can be done by submitting a saliva sample.
Initially, DNA testing was a very expensive process that used to cost thousands of dollars and was not widely available. But now companies like Bione bring DNA testing to your doorstep for a very nominal amount.
Your DNA can tell you a lot about your body. It can predict if you have a higher than average risk of developing diabetes and other chronic diseases. Your DNA can reveal specific vitamin or mineral requirements, any potential food allergies and the impact of different fitness routines. Through a DNA test, you get a wide range of important health insights which can help you prevent or reverse disease and improve fitness.
Our DNA test involves taking a sample of your saliva. We give step by step directions for taking the sample as part of the kit. You need to spit into the test tube you receive as part of the test kit to collect your sample. As soon as we receive your test sample, we put it through for an extensive DNA analysis.
Your results and recommendations are delivered to you within 3-4 business weeks after your sample reaches our lab. However, due to COVID-19 and supply chain related challenges, it may take upto 6+ weeks to deliver the reports. The report enlists 100+ reportable parameters, decodes 210+ functionally important genes and 820+ variants, which are present within your body and then provides recommendations based on your unique DNA composition. DNA testing does have its own limitations and these are mentioned clearly on the last page of every report.
Based on the results of the DNA test, Bione experts will advise you on changes you need to make to your diet and fitness routines to achieve your maximum health potential. You will get a detailed list of recommendations that can help you live a long and healthy life free of disease.
Gut biome refers to the trillions of microorganisms including bacteria, archaea and microscopic eukaryotes that live in the digestive tracts of humans. These microbes have a tremendous impact on our system both in health and disease.
The gut can be called the ‘second brain’ of the body and has a major impact on the functioning of other major organs like the heart and kidney. Generally, healthier people have a richer and more diverse gut microbiome. Imbalance in the gut microbiome can lead to serious chronic diseases. Due to the crucial role gut health plays in overall health, it is advisable to test the gut microbiome.
Testing methods are now a lot easier and faster than they used to be in the past.
DNA Test Sample:
We collect your saliva for testing your DNA. The saliva collection kits are easy to use, and detailed instructions are included in each kit. MyMicrobiome test sample:
All you have to do is take a stool sample with the spoon and test tubes provided as part of the test kit based on our directions and send it off to us within 12 hours. You will also need to fill in the simple but detailed questionnaires that we send you as part of the testing process.
The sample collection kit is delivered to your doorstep and after the sample is taken, it is collected by Bione for testing.
Our experts will make recommendations regarding diet, supplements and lifestyle. When you follow these recommendations, you should gradually see an improvement in the functioning of your digestive system. This can also help resolve conditions like bloating, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome. Chronic inflammation caused by imbalance in gut microbes which can cause acne, insulin resistance, rheumatism and high cholesterol will also clear up in the long term as you make changes to your diet and lifestyle.
Once the test reports are ready, we send them to the email address given by the customer. The customer can also access reports on the mobile app or by logging in to the platform on the website. We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of our customers. Your personal information and test results are safe with us. Only you will have access to your test results.
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