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7 Proven Ways to Naturally Increase Your Height

Proven ways to increase your height - science-backed
Are you someone who wishes to stand tall, both literally and figuratively?
Are you hoping to gain a few more inches on your stature?
Do you wonder about natural ways to naturally increase your height?
Was that a yes?
You’ve come to the right place!!!
We often relate height and stature to a strong and attractive personality, don’t we? It is a human tendency. Let’s dive into the pool of factors that affect your height and unlock some height growth tips. Many factors influence your height growth, and 20% of those factors are within our control. Your genes, diet, lifestyle, physical activities, sleep, posture and many more factors account for your height growth. Genetics account for 80% of your height, and you can not control that, so let’s work on the remaining 20% of it.

Ways to grow taller naturally

Nutrition: A balanced diet provides the required nutrition for height growth. We already know that a balanced meal is required for the general wellness, growth, and development of the body. But a meal enriched in vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein can promote the production of height growth hormones.
Eating fresh vegetables, lentils, legumes, millet, fruits, dairy products, lean meat, and fish provide you with essential nutrients that support height growth. But is eating a balanced meal enough?
It is also imperative to know and avoid the foods that might stunt height growth.
1. Exercise:
Physical activity is again a very important factor in height growth. Exercising doesn’t only help you stay fit, but also promotes bone health.
  • Best Exercises to grow height: Hanging, Skipping, Running, Walking, Treadmill incline walking, Crossfit, Cycling, Cardio, High-intensity workouts, and lightweight training are known to boost height growth.
  • Sports for height growth: Swimming, Football, Badminton, Basketball, and Volleyball ensure height growth for all ages starting from adolescence.
  • Yoga for height growth: Yoga is particularly known to boost height growth as it includes many stretching exercises for height growth. You can try Cobra Pose, Pelvic shift, Dryland swim, Forward Spine Stretch, Straight Leg-Up, Sun Salutations etc for height growth.
2. Adequate Sleep:
While you sleep, your body produces GH (growth hormones). GH boosts height growth, improves bone health, enhances tissue repair and regulates metabolism. The first few hours of your sleep are golden and are the peak time for the production of growth hormone. So, ensure you get adequate sleep according to your age.
3. Posture and height increase:
A bad posture can have many negative effects on the body including stunted height growth or appearing shorter than your real height.
  • Good posture maintains the spine’s proper alignment and reduces compression on the vertebrae.
  • It promotes balanced bone development.
  • It aids in optimal nerve functioning.
  • Reduced strain on the spine and balanced bone development encourage height growth.
  • Prevents slouching.
4. Natural Supplements:
A balanced meal can often lack complete nutrition for height growth due to our lifestyle or environment. Vitamin D is essential for the proper absorption of calcium to aid height growth, but how many of us can get some sun time in our busy schedules? This is why supplements and protein powders are handy. We can depend on these safe resources to fuel our bodies with the required nutrients that support height growth. Our diets often lack important nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. You can also include height growth protein powder in your routine to bridge the nutrition gap in your diet.
5. Sun Exposure:
We know calcium is important for height growth and overall bone health. But many don’t know that without Vitamin D, calcium doesn’t reach your bones. Drinking milk or taking foods rich in calcium does not assure height growth. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb the required minerals from the intestine to the bloodstream. The best natural resource for Vitamin D is sunlight. So, ensure that you spend enough time outside to help digest that calcium.
6. Proper Footwear:
Yes, your footwear is an influential factor in height growth. Height increase in teenagers is influential, and trendy fashionable footwear might look good but does nothing to support height growth. Footwear such as slippers, heels, crocs, sandals etc do not support the foot and spinal alignment.
Here’s what you should look for in your footwear:
  • Proper cushioning sole to prevent shock, absorb pressure and support your heels and ankles.
  • Shoes with arch support maintain the natural foot curvature and provide stability.
  • Buy shoes with enough room for your toes.
  • Shoes with a slight heel lift *(less than one inch)* provide comfortable support and promote height growth. Girls should avoid wearing heels.
  • Buy flexible and breathable shoes.
Last but not least…
7. Patience and Consistency:
Height growth is a process that takes time. One month of vigilance may not go a long way, but 6 months can! Set realistic parameters for yourself and be kind to yourself. Don’t obsess and measure every day. Consistent discipline towards your lifestyle will create a healthy chain of reactions in your body which will eventually lead to height growth.


Height is synonymous with genetics but following these tips will help you in controlling the remaining 20%. Understanding these natural methods can help you take proactive measures in your journey to greater heights. Explore the science-backed and proven strategies outlined in this blog to unlock your height growth potential naturally.
Stay positive and relaxed!
Happy Growing!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Adequate sleep is the best way to regulate the production of growth hormones. Also, pay attention to your diet, and an active lifestyle to further optimize growth hormone levels. You can take melatonin sleep gummies for better results.
Height growth takes time and there is no concrete timeline for results. However, if you follow these tips consistently, then you might see visible results in 2-3 months.
Growth Hormone also known as somatotropin, is a peptide hormone generated in the body during the initial hours of sleeping. It promotes the growth and development of the body.
Certain amino acids, such as arginine, ornithine, and glutamine, found in protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, may help stimulate growth hormone secretion.


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