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Beat the Summer Heat with Hydrating and Digestive Drinks

Healthy Summer drinks for hydration
Summers set the perfect stage for indigestion and a faulty gut microbiome. The scorching heat promotes bacterial growth, which leads to dehydration and indigestion. Don’t worry; as always, we have you covered with the perfect list of refreshing summer drinks this season.
To make matters worse, we often hunt for the unhealthiest cold drinks that contain added sugar and other additives. Our bodies tend to lose a lot of water due to sweating, which makes it essential to choose healthy summer drinks to replenish lost electrolytes and avert dehydration.

Healthy Summer Drinks to Make at Home

Luckily, being Indians, we have access to various cooling homemade drinks for summer. Let’s explore some of our best options:


Also known as chaach or lassi in some parts of India, Buttermilk is one of the best drinks for summer. This magical glass of probiotics, calcium, proteins, vitamins, and potassium is thousands of years old. You only need some yoghurt, water, rock salt, herbs, and more spices like cumin or mustard, according to your taste. Its probiotic properties help regulate the digestive system and maintain a good gut microbiome.


Lemonade is a classic summer drink made with lemons, water, rock salt, pepper, and mint. Lemons are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and help stimulate digestion. It also proves to be a natural energy booster, making it the best option for the days when you feel all drained out by heat.

Sugarcane Juice

The naturally sweet juice is the best substitute for your sweet cravings in summer. It is known to build up blood plasma and helps you counter dehydration. It is rich in digestive enzymes and aids digestion. It is readily available and made of sugar cane combined with lemon, mint, and rock salt. Experience a burst of flavours from the very first sip.
sugarcane juice

Beet Juice

The vibrant red colour is the first clue to the benefits of this juice, which is full of hydration. Beetroot enhances enzyme production in the body and aids digestion. It also helps regulate body temperature and increases blood circulation to nourish your body. All you need is beetroot, apple, lemon, mint, and cold water. You can always add carrots, pomegranate, etc, for an extra dose of nourishment. *Glowing skin with a natural blush is one extra reward for choosing your health.
Beet Juice

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is rich in essential electrolytes that keep your body hydrated in the summer. People suffering from acid reflux swear by it. So, if you are someone who suffers extreme acidity, this is your elixir. This healthy summer drink requires Aloe Vera gel, lemon, honey, and water.
Aloe Vera Juice

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon contains 90% water. It is the best source of natural sugar and water for hydration in summer. You can call it a healthy cold drink. Replacing aerated drinks with watermelon juice will provide you similar satisfaction with 0 calories. It is rich in potassium, maintaining electrolyte balance and preventing muscle cramps. Watermelons are readily available in summer, which makes this one of the best refreshing drinks for this summer season. The best way to make this is by blending watermelon with a mint leaf.
Watermelon Juice

Bonus Tip

It is essential to intake enough liquids to ensure hydration in the summer. But is water enough?
While water itself contains all the required nutrients for nourishment, why not boost your daily water intake?
It is a common trend these days to add slices of fruit or lemon to your water. This one tip will go a long way. Add cucumber slices with lemon. Instead of sticking to a pattern, you can keep switching. You can use oranges, strawberries, mint, lemon, mandarin, lemongrass, etc, for variety and antioxidants.
Water With Cucumber and Lemon Slices

Last But Not The Least

People typically ignore the initial signs of a problematic gut, which leads to more severe conditions. Gut issues are a gentle reminder to warn you of some underlying issue or microbiome imbalance.
Try replacing your aerated bottle with healthy summer drinks for adequate hydration. Remember, your health is an investment, and your choices today are the instalments you pay.
Make wise decisions.
Have a happy summer!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Early signs of gut issues include bloating, indigestion, constipation, and changes in bowel habits. It’s essential to pay attention to these symptoms as they may indicate an underlying problem or imbalance in the gut microbiome. Using an at-home gut microbiome test kit can provide insights for better diet plans and gut health.
In addition to staying hydrated, incorporating cooling foods and beverages, practising mindful eating habits, and managing stress levels can contribute to digestive comfort and well-being during the summer season.
In summer, our bodies lose water through sweating, making it essential to choose beverages that replenish lost electrolytes and support digestive health to avoid dehydration and indigestion.
Yes, healthy summer drinks help keep your energy levels high throughout the day by regularising your blood sugar, hydration, and balancing your electrolytes level.


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