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Fitness resolutions for 2022? Bione can helps you decide!

Fitness resolutions for 2022-Bione can helps you decide
New year has just arrived. As usual, we all have a plethora of hopes in terms of health, well-being, wealth, luxury and the list goes on and on.
Are you also one of those who made a long list of new year resolutions and ended up doing almost nothing? If not, then we surely envy your determination. And, if yes, then we are on the same page as you.
But now, gone are the days when your fitness resolutions didn’t come to fruition. You can very easily follow them till the end at your own pace. Wondering how? Well, we will let you know soon. But, before that let’s talk a bit about some of the resolutions that you can have for the year 2022.

Visit the gym often

It is an undeniable fact that waking up early to get to the gym is sometimes too much to ask. But, your frequency of visits to the gym is the first step towards achieving your fitness goals. Majority of the people drop out due to the rigorous efforts and long term commitment that it needs.
But, it is pivotal to remember that you must keep swiping your gym card until it becomes a regular habit.

Start your health journal

If you have never done this before, start doing it now. On the face of it, this might seem absurd, but if you plan to work out regularly, you must record what you do, including where you are at the outset (in terms of fitness level, weight and so on) and what your SMART goals are.
It is not only fascinating but also very useful and motivating in the long run. If you lose a few kilos or see some improvement in your inches, you must see what exercises might have accounted for the improvement.

Include new activities in your routine

There is never too much or less when it comes to following an optimal health and fitness routine. This new year, take a pledge to include one new activity to your routine. From doing pilates to taking tennis lessons, you can do it all. It is important to not make your body get comfortable with your usual regime and instead challenge it with a new activity this year.
Trying something new will force your brain and body to master new motor patterns. It’s not only absorbing but also fun and ultimately more rewarding than your same old routine.

Get your fluid intake right

There is no hard and fast rule in drinking 3 litres of water everyday. All that you need to do is to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. Since, each individual is different, so is their water consumption and absorption. You can take baby steps by increasing your intake by 500ml for the first few weeks and see if it improves your concentration, energy levels and skin.

Be aware of your body

This is the most important health resolution that you must have for 2022. The term ‘body awareness’ isn’t something that stops the moment you leave your exercise class – it’s something you should be keeping notes of 24*7.
Be aware of your body-2022 resolutions
It simply means that you must learn the language of your body. You must understand what it is trying to communicate to you and take actions based on that. Remember we told you in the beginning that you can now bring your new year fitness resolutions to fruition?
You can do so with the help of a DNA test which helps you determine various factors about your body right from longevity, exercise routine, disease risks, skin health, cardiovascular issues and the list goes on.
This might seem Greek to you but all of this would make a lot more sense once you take the longevity test for your own self. Since, everyone’s DNA is unique, taking the test would help you know the unique you and what are your body’s unique requirements.
Bione can be your best buddy in taking you through the journey of a DNA test. You would get the following benefits:
  • Personalized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
  • Analysis of susceptibility to chronic diseases like cancer, Alzheimers etc.
  • One to one counselling on your body’s nutrition needs
  • Insights of your body’s response to injuries, exercise and diet and a lot more
Seems intriguing to read, right? But, it is even more fascinating and empowering to know your true self and Bione can take you a step closer in doing that every single day of this new year.
In a nutshell, if having a healthy and life rich in longevity is your resolution for 2022, Bione’s DNA test can be the true guiding force for you and can help you achieve all your fitness goals throughout the year.

To health and fitness in 2022 and beyond!

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